Registration Stage

What it Does
The Registration Stage creates a registration task for reviewers (and ACs, if applicable).
When to Use it
The Registration Stage can be run an any point during your workflow, though it is usually enabled at the begining to collect information from reviewers and/or ACs. It can also be used to ask users to update their profiles and import their publications.
If your venue has area chairs, you will see two registration buttons, one for reviewers and one for ACs. Each form will have the following fields:
Registration Start Date
  • When the registration task will become active, in GMT
  • Optional
  • Defaults to now
Registration Deadline
  • The soft deadline reviewers and/or area chairs will see, in GMT
  • Required
Registration Expiration Date
  • The hard deadline when the task will expire, in GMT
  • Required
Registration Name
  • The name you choose will appear as a button in the Registration page
  • Use underscores to represent spaces
  • Optional
  • Default: 'Registration'
Form Title
  • Title of the registration form
  • Required
  • Default: 'Reviewer Registration' or 'Area Chair Registration'
Form Instructions
  • Instructions reviewers or area chairs will see when completing the task
  • Required
Additional Form Options
  • Additional fields that can be added to the registration form. Expects a valid JSON surrounded by a single pair of curly braces {}. Read more about defining fields here.
  • Optional
Remove Form Options
  • Fields to be removed from the default registration form
  • Optional
How to Query
To query all registration notes submitted to your venue, follow these instructions.