Add or remove a name from your profile

Users can keep multiple names in their profiles and select one as preferred, which will be used for author submission and identity display. Names can be replaced by new names in the profile and in some submissions as long as the organizers of the venue allow it.

Adding a name to your profile and mark it as preferred

  1. Go to your profile page at

  2. Click 'Edit Profile'.

  3. Locate the 'Names' section and click the blue plus sign underneath your name.

  4. Enter your name and then click ‘Save Profile Changes’ at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to make that name preferred, you can do so by clicking ‘Edit profile’ once more and selecting ‘Make Preferred’ next to your desired name. The option to make a name preferred will not appear until you have saved the new name to your profile.

Submissions can be updated with the user's preferred name if the organizers of the venue that the user submitted to allow it.

Removing a name from your profile

  1. Go to your profile page at

  2. Click 'Edit Profile'.

  3. Locate the 'Names' section and make sure you have a name marked as preferred that you want to keep.

  4. Click on the button 'Request Deletion' next to the name you want to remove.

  5. In the new window, explain why you want that name to be removed and click 'Submit'

The process for removing the name will take some time until has been reviewed and accepted. You will receive email updates regarding the status of the name removal. Once the process is complete the name will be removed and any publications with the previous name will be updated with the one you marked as preferred in your profile.

OpenReview doesn't take any action on PDF files so the name change in the file should also be authorized by the organizers of the venue.

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