Why does it take two weeks to moderate my profile?

Participants signing up for an OpenReview profile will notice a warning if they sign up with a email domain that is public (ex, gmail.com, 163.com, qq.com, etc.) or if the domain is not included in our institution list. The warning states that signing up with a public domain may spend up to 2 weeks in moderation. This warning has understandably triggered a large number of emails sent to the support address requesting an early activation. We see these emails, we may not answer each depending on the load, but we review moderation daily.

The warning was added by the staff in response to an increase in the number of fake/spam profiles being submitted with public domains, delaying moderation.

We encourage users to signup with their institutional (industry/government/university/research org) email domains to bypass moderation. "Institutional" in this case is defined as an established organization or corporation. If your domain is not recognized, please contact us through the feedback form shared in the signup page warning to add your domain to our list.

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