Enabling an Abstract Registration Deadline

There are two ways you can set an abstract registration deadline:

  1. When you submit your Support Request Form

  2. After your venue request form has been submitted, add an Abstract Registration deadline using the 'Revision' button on your venue request form.

Until the Abstract Registration deadline, authors will have the option to modify their submissions using the ‘edit’ button in the top right corner of their submission forum page.

After the Abstract Registration deadline passes, you will need to run the 'Post Submission Stage' from your venue request form. This creates the 'Revision' button and paper groups, which allow authors to access and edit their submissions. It also creates blinded copies to anonymize submissions, if applicable.

If you change the Submission deadline after the Abstract Registration deadline, you will need to re-run the ‘Post Submission Stage’ in order to update the revision deadline. After the Submission deadline, authors will lose the ability to revise their submissions.

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