Add or remove an email address from your profile

Adding email addresses to your profile and mark them as preferred

  1. Go to your profile page at

  2. Click 'Edit Profile'.

  3. Locate the 'Emails' section and click the blue plus sign underneath your name.

  4. Enter your email and then click 'Confirm'. An email will be sent to your new address.

  5. Click the link in the confirmation email to confirm the email to your profile.

If you would like to make that email preferred, you can do so by clicking ‘Edit profile’ once more and selecting ‘Make Preferred’ next to your desired email. The option to make an email preferred will not appear until you have confirmed the new email to your profile.

Removing email addresses from your profile

OpenReview uses email addresses associated with current or former affiliations for profile deduplication, conflict detection, and paper coreference. For this reason, OpenReview prefers to keep all current and former institutional email addresses on each user's profile. OpenReview will only send messages to the address marked as “Preferred”. OpenReview only displays obfuscated emails (**** and never releases full email addresses to the public.

If there is an email address you want removed from your profile, please reach out to

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