How to have multiple Reviewer or Area Chair groups

Although OpenReview can support multiple groups for each role, it cannot support distinct workflows, different deadlines, or different review forms for multiple groups within the same venue.

  1. Contact OpenReview support at to request the ability to support multiple groups for a particular role.

  2. After we have customized your venue to support multiple groups, you can recruit members directly into each group with the 'Recruitment' button.

  3. When it is time to assign the group members to submissions, you will need to run separate matchings for each group. When you deploy your assignments, the members of each group will be moved into the individual paper groups. For example, if a reviewer from Group A and Group B are each assigned to paper 1, they would both be moved into the Paper1/Reviewers group.

  4. From this point forward the reviewers will be treated identically, regardless of their original group.

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