Update camera-ready PDFs after the deadline expires

In the event PCs receive requests from authors to update camera-ready pdfs there are two ways to approach this.

1. Extend the camera-ready deadline - this opens a window for anyone to make revisions.

2. Revise camera-ready papers individually - this limits revisions to select papers.

Extend the camera-ready deadline

Click the ‘Submission Revision Stage’ button to set up camera-ready revisions for papers and the authors will be able to update their PDFs.

Revise camera-ready papers individually

The best way to do this is to navigate to the camera-ready super invitation for the conference.

How to build the url for the super invitation:


What is my conference group ID?

Once you've navigated to the super invitation (the page header will include "Camera-Ready Revision") scroll passed the General Info and Reply Parameters to "Child Invitations". The total count of child invitations should be in parenthesis. Listed with hyperlinks are the invitations for the papers, click on the papers you wish to revise.

On the Camera-Ready Revision page for the paper, in the General Info section there are dates listed, click the “Edit General Info” button.

Modify the expiration date to the desired point in the future and click “Save Invitation”.

The author or PCs are now free to update the PDF.

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