Finding and adding a Semantic Scholar URL to your profile

To locate your Semantic Scholar URL, go to and search for the name you publish by.

If Semantic Scholar has your data, an author tile with your name will appear under the search bar. If your name is not immediately one of the top tiles, click the "Show All Authors" link to expand the tile section. Click on the author tile.

Once you have identified your author page with the associated papers, the URL in the browser address bar is the Semantic Scholar URL that you can use in OpenReview profile edit page.

If you would like to edit your Semantic Scholar author page or add additional metadata (e.g. affiliation data) you may use the "Claim Author Page" button located under your name at the top left of your Semantic Scholar author page.

After you have claimed your page and the claim has been approved, you will receive an email from Semantic Scholar with instructions to edit and update your author page. You will have the option to edit or add metadata, remove papers or add additional papers to your claimed Semantic Scholar author page (in case there are multiple author pages with your name).

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