How to make manual assignments with the edge browser after deployment

There are two ways to assign members after assignments have been deployed:

  1. The option 'Assign' directly assigns the reviewer to the paper and sends an email notification.

  2. (This option is not currently supported for venues set to "manual" assignments) The option 'Invite Assignment' sends an invitation email to the reviewer with an accept/decline link. If you would like to use this option, you will need to contact to enable its functionality.

Any changes made after deployment are immediately visible to the assigned Reviewers or Area Chairs, and it is not necessary to deploy again.

The reviewer can then respond to the invitation. If you want to invite a reviewer from outside the reviewer pool, you can do so by searching for their email address or profileID in the search bar of the second column and clicking 'Invite Assignment'. If they are in conflict with that paper, a banner will alert you with an error. Otherwise, they will receive an email notifying them of their invitation with the option to accept or reject the assignment. Their status will change according to their response to your invitation ('Declined', 'Pending Sign Up', 'Accepted', or 'Conflict Detected').

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