How to Get Profiles and Their Relations

Querying profiles

You can retrieve an individual's OpenReview profile object by their name or email:

profile = client.get_profile('~Michael_Spector1')
profile = client.get_profile('')

If you want to query more than one profile at a time, you can use our tools module:

profiles =

If you want to get all the profiles and their publication, you can use the previous call and add the parameter with_publications=True

If you want to query the profiles of each author per submission, then you can get all submissions for your venue (click the link to learn how to get different submissions) and then loop through each submission getting the author IDs and querying the profiles.

# API 2 example of getting author profile data for accepted submissions

submissions = client.get_all_notes(content={'venueid':'Your/Venue/ID'})

author_profiles = []

for submission in submissions:
    author_profiles =, submission.content['authorids']['value'])
    # you can loop through author_profiles and get data for each profile

Finding profile relations

Relations can be extracted in two ways: (1) from the Profile object itself, or (2) from coauthored Notes in the system.

Getting stored relations:

>>> profile = client.get_profile('~Michael_Spector1')
>>> profile.content['relations']
[{'name': 'Andrew McCallum',
  'email': ...,
  'relation': ...,
  'start': 2016,
  'end': None},
 {'name': 'Melisa Bok',
  'email': ...,
  'relation': ...,
  'start': 2016,
  'end': None}]

Getting coauthorship relations from Notes:

>>> profile_notes = client.get_notes(content={'authorids':})
>>> coauthors = set()
>>> for note in profile_notes:
>>>    coauthors.update(note.content['authorids'])
>>> coauthors.remove( # make sure that the list doesn't include the author themselves
>>> print(sorted(list(coauthors)))

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