Post Decision Stage

What it Does

The Post Decision Stage updates the visibility and anonymity of submissions after decisions have been posted.

When to Use it

The Post Decision Stage will only appear after the Decision Stage deadline. If you have already successfully posted all decisions but the Post Decision Stage has not yet appeared, you can re-run the Decision stage to make the deadline earlier.

Release Submissions
  • Changes the visibility of submissions. The decisions must also be released if you would like to release the submissions by decision.

  • Required

Reveal Authors
  • Changes anonymity settings of submissions.

  • Required

Home Page Tab Names
  • Creates or overwrites decision tabs on the venue homepage. Valid JSON with keys matching the decision options expected.

  • Optional

Send Decision Notifications
  • Select whether or not you would like to send notification emails to authors when you submit Post Decision Stage.

  • Required

  • Defaults to "No, I will send the emails to the authors."

____ Email Content
  • Takes a template decision notification for each decision type for your venue. If "Yes, send an email notification to the authors" was selected, these templates will be populated with the paper information and sent to the authors of the respective papers.

  • Optional

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