How to Recruit and Remind Recruited Reviewers

On the request form for your venue, click on the ‘Recruitment’ button to recruit reviewers (and ACs if applicable). You can use the 'Remind Recruitment' button to send a reminder to Reviewers who have not yet accepted or declined your invitation.

Make sure to pay close attention to the Invitee Details on the Recruitment form. Invitees must be formatted in a specific way to send the messages otherwise the messages will fail to send and will return a status error.

Enter a list of invitees with one user per line. Either tilde IDs (∼Captain_America1), emails (, or email, name pairs (, Captain America) expected. If only an email address is provided for an invitee, the recruitment email is addressed to "Dear invitee". Do not use parentheses in your list of invitees.

  • All invited reviewers will appear in the group venue_id/Reviewers/Invited

  • Reviewers who accept the invitation will be added to the group venue_id/Reviewers

  • Reviewers who decline the invitation will be added to the group venue_id/Reviewers_Declined.

You can find links to these groups on your PC console.

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