Finding and adding your ACL Anthology URL to your profile

An option is now availible to add your ACL Anthology URL to your OpenReview profile. This is an optional field, and if you don't have a personal ACL anthology page it can be ignored.

To locate your ACL Anthology URL, go to, type your publishing name into the Search bar at the top of the page, and then click on the magnifying glass icon to initiate the search.

After the search results are returned, click on the Authors tab and select your name. The personal author pages are auto generated, so it's possible a page for you was not created. If you notice an error in the content of your author page, you can create an issue or submit a pull request

The author page will list known published name variations, publication list, and links to coauthors as well as venues the author submitted papers to. Your ACL Anthology URL can be found in the address bar.

To add this link to your OpenReview profile, login and click on Edit Profile. Scroll down to the Personal Links Section and you'll see a textbox labeled "ACL Anthology URL". Copy the ACL Anthology URL and paste it in this textbox. Make sure to scroll all the way down the Edit page to submit your changes.

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