Creating your Venue Instance: Submitting a Venue Request Form

Submitting a venue request form is the first step towards hosting a venue on OpenReview. Go to and click 'OpenReview Support Request Form'.
If you want to create a Venue Instance for testing purposes, you should use the following link instead:
Note that sending emails through the dev site is not supported. If you need to create test profiles/accounts in the dev site, you will need to request the activation link at [email protected].
This is where you will select many of the settings for your venue. The settings for readership permissions can be overwritten at later stages; if you initially make submissions private, you override the submission readers later on with Post Submission Stage or with Post Decision Stage.
After you submit the form, our team will review it and deploy it, making your venue live. You can then edit some of your selected settings from the venue request form. Note that if you do not enter a submission start date, submissions will open immediately upon venue deployment.
If you are following a journal-like workflow where you will be posting several venue request forms a year with the same settings, you may find it more efficient to submit your request forms programmatically.