Signing up for OpenReview

To create a profile, go to Entering your full name might bring up a variety of potential options, depending on whether accounts under your name already appear in our system:

Claim Profile

This option will appear if there is an existing profile in OpenReview with your name that does not yet have a password, often because it was pre-created by OpenReview. If you see a profile that you believe belongs to you, you can click ‘Claim Profile’. A text field will then appear for your email address. Enter your email, click claim, and then enter a password. You will receive an email with instructions about next steps. If you no longer have access to the email associated with the profile you need to claim, contact OpenReview support.

If you created a profile that has not yet been activated, you will see this option. If you enter your email address and click ‘Send Activation Link’, you will receive an email with a link that will bring you to the OpenReview registration page.

Reset Password

If you forgot your password associated with a profile, enter your email address and click ‘Reset Password’.

Sign Up

If no existing profiles belong to you and you would like to create a new one, you can fill in your email address in the text field next to the ‘Sign Up’ option and click the button. If you sign up with a public domain or an email domain that is not included in our institution list you will see a warning:

You can contact us to add the institutional or company domain, otherwise signing up with a public domain may spend up to 2 weeks in moderation. After typing your email you will then be prompted to enter a new password and send a confirmation email. Clicking the link in the confirmation email will bring you to the registration page.

Profile Registration

The profile registration page is where you can input your personal and professional information, including institutional data. After clicking ‘Register for OpenReview’, your profile will either be activated immediately or sent to moderation. Providing an institutional email address and valid personal homepage, such as a LinkedIn, GitHub, or Google Scholar profile, will increase your chances of being quickly activated. If your profile is rejected, you can return to the signup page, enter your name, and click ‘Resend Activation Link’ next to the email address you previously attempted to register with.

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