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"metareview": {
"order": 1,
"value-regex": "[\\S\\s]{1,5000}",
"description": "Please provide an evaluation of the quality, clarity, originality and significance of this work, including a list of its pros and cons. Your comment or reply (max 5000 characters). Add formatting using Markdown and formulas using LaTeX. For more information see",
"required": true,
"markdown": true
"recommendation": {
"order": 2,
"value-dropdown": [
"Accept (Oral)",
"Accept (Poster)",
"required": true
"confidence": {
"order": 3,
"value-radio": [
"5: The area chair is absolutely certain",
"4: The area chair is confident but not absolutely certain",
"3: The area chair is somewhat confident",
"2: The area chair is not sure",
"1: The area chair's evaluation is an educated guess"
"required": true


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