How to support different tracks for a venue

OpenReview does support a limited functionality for "tracks". If your workflow requires different deadlines and different review forms for each track, then please fill out a separate venue request for each track.

What we currently support:

  • Create reviewer, area chair, and senior area chair group roles for each track. Please limit the group roles to a maximum of 10 tracks.

  • Assign reviewers and ACs in these independent pools to the submissions with their track selected.

  • ACs can modify reviewer assignments after the PCs have initiated the assignments.

  • All tracks follow the same workflow, including deadlines and forms.

  • Currently, PCs are responsible for recruiting to all track roles, as well as the paper matching setup to compute conflicts and affinity scores and create matching configuration.

If the needs for your venue are not addressed here regarding tracks, please email support at We can try to accommodate custom requests, however, we need to know at least one month before submissions open.

If you want to accept distinct types of submissions that will all follow the same workflow, you can add a ‘track’ field to your submission form. If you reach out to OpenReview support at, we can then customize your PC console to allow you to filter and sort by track or add roles for reviewers and ACs if you need a group per track.

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