Post Submission Stage

What it Does

The Post Submission Stage creates Paper groups and sets the readers of submissions accordingly. It also creates the anonymized versions of submissions, if applicable.

When to Use it

The Post Submission Stage should be used when paper groups and blind copies need to be created. In general, this should be done:

  • After the Abstract Registration deadline to allow authors to revise their submissions

  • After the Submission Deadline to hide fields from authors or update submission readers

  • After the submission deadline has passed a second time after having been extended

  • When the readers of the submissions need to be updated

  • Whether or not blind submissions and paper groups should be created before the submission deadline.

  • Required

Hide Fields
  • Fields that will be hidden from everyone except for Program Chairs and the Paper Authors. The fields should exactly match the field names in the submission invitation.

  • Optional

  • Defaults to only author identities

Submission Readers
  • Who should see the submissions; changes readers of all submissions in bulk as soon as Post Submission is run.

  • Required

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