Querying profiles

You can retrieve an individual's OpenReview profile object by their name or email:
profile = client.get_profile('~Michael_Spector1')
profile = client.get_profile('[email protected]')
If you want to query more than one profile at a time, you can use our tools module:
profiles =
ids_or_emails=['[email protected]',
If you want to get all the profiles and their publication, you can use the previous call and add the parameter with_publications=True

Finding profile relations

Relations can be extracted in two ways: (1) from the Profile object itself, or (2) from coauthored Notes in the system.
Getting stored relations:
>>> profile = client.get_profile('~Michael_Spector1')
>>> profile.content['relations']
[{'name': 'Andrew McCallum',
'email': ...,
'relation': ...,
'start': 2016,
'end': None},
{'name': 'Melisa Bok',
'email': ...,
'relation': ...,
'start': 2016,
'end': None}]
Getting coauthorship relations from Notes:
>>> profile_notes = client.get_notes(content={'authorids':})
>>> coauthors = set()
>>> for note in profile_notes:
>>> coauthors.update(note.content['authorids'])
>>> coauthors.remove( # make sure that the list doesn't include the author themselves
>>> print(sorted(list(coauthors)))