How to add/remove fields from a submission

Editing a submission as an organizer

Organizers of the venue have access to an Invitation that lets them edit any part of a submission associated to their venue. This Invitation is called "Meta Invitation".

Meta Invitations are admin Invitations which are created when the venue is deployed and are available to venue organizers. There is only 1 available per venue and should be used with care and sparingly. Therefore, before using the Meta Invitation, make sure there is no other Invitation that can be used instead to avoid errors when modifying a submission.

Removing fields

Fields can be removed from the note using the value { delete: true }

    invitation = '',
    readers = [''],
    writers = [''],
    signatures = [''],
    note = openreview.api.Note(
        id = note_id,
        content = {
            'supplementary_material': { 'delete': True }

Only the Meta Invitation, which usually has an id that ends with "Edit", can be used to edit any part of a submission. Other Invitations can be used, but the property "deletable: true" must be declared in the field to be removed as in the example below.

"supplementary_material": {
    "value": {
        "param": {
            "type": "file",
            "extensions": [
            "maxSize": 500,
            "optional": True,
            "deletable": True
    "description": "All supplementary material must be self-contained and zipped into a single file. Note that supplementary material will be visible to reviewers and the public throughout and after the review period, and ensure all material is anonymized. The maximum file size is 500MB.",
    "order": 8

Editing a submission using an invitation that is not the Meta Invitation:

        id =,
        content = {
            'title': {
                'value': submission.content['title']['value'] + ' Version 2'
            'abstract': submission.content['abstract'],
            'authorids': {
                'value': submission.content['authorids']['value'] + ['']
            'authors': {
                'value': submission.content['authors']['value'] + ['Melisa ICML']
            'keywords': submission.content['keywords'],
            'pdf': submission.content['pdf'],
            'supplementary_material': {
                'value': { 'delete': True }
            'financial_aid': {
                'value': submission.content['financial_aid']['value']

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