Desk Reject Submissions that are Missing PDFs

PCs may want to programmatically desk-reject submissions that are missing PDF files once the submission deadline has passed.

Make sure to replace <venue_id> with the venue ID of your conference. For example, "".

venue_id = "<venue_id>"

submissions = client.get_all_notes(invitation=f'{venue_id}/-/Submission')
#gets the desk rejection name of the invitation
desk_rejection_name = client.get_group(venue_id).content['desk_rejection_name']['value']
# for each submission note that does not contain a pdf field, post a desk rejection note
for submission in submissions:
    if not submission.content.get('pdf', {}).get('value'):
        desk_reject_note = client.post_note_edit(
                        content = {
                        'desk_reject_comments': { 'value': 'No PDF.' }
        print(submission.number, "is desk rejected")

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