How to Export all Submission Attachments

How to extract PDFs and zip files associated with submissions.

  1. If you have not done so, you will need to install and instantiate the openreview-py client.

  2. First, get all of the submissions for your venue by doing the following:

notes = client.get_all_notes(invitation = "Your/Venue/ID/-/Submission")

3. Iterate through each submission. For each one, check if it has the attachment you are looking for, and if it does, export it. In this example, we are exporting pdfs and naming them with the format paper#.pdf.

for note in notes:
        f = client.get_attachment(,'pdf')
        with open(f'paper{note.number}.pdf','wb') as op: 

4. If you wanted to extract a field called supplementary_material which authors uploaded as zip files, you could do the following instead:

for note in notes:
        f = client.get_attachment(,'supplementary_material')
        with open(f'paper{note.number}','wb') as op: 

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