How to Get All Registration Notes

If you enabled the Registration Stage for reviewers and/or area chairs, you will be able to programmatically query these registration notes using the python client.

  1. Instantiate your OpenReview client

client = openreview.api.OpenReviewClient(
    username=<your username>,
    password=<your password>
  1. Get all the registration notes for your venue. The invitation is composed of your venue's id (found in the request form), the group you want to query notes for (Reviewers or Area_Chairs) and the name of the registration stage (by default, this is Registration):

{venue_id}/(Reviewers|Area_Chairs)/-/{registration_stage_name} , e.g.,

registration_notes = client.get_all_notes(invitation='')
  1. Iterate through every note to access the note's content. You will be able to access all fields you configured for the registration stage.

for note in registration_notes:

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