How to Programmatically Post Support Request Form

Currently all request forms are being posted with API 1. If you want to submit a request using the python client, then you should be creating an API 1 client.

While a support request form can most easily be submitted through the UI, some venues that have multiple deadlines a year and need to submit multiple venue requests with the same settings may find it easier to do this programmatically through the API.

  1. If you have not done so, you will need to install and instantiate the openreview-py client.

  2. Familiarize yourself with the venue request form. Note which fields are required, and which are optional. You can view the form through the UI or view it in JSON.

  3. Choose your program chairs, and create a list of their email addresses.

program_chair_emails = ["", ""]

4. Now it is time to choose the settings for your venue. These make up the 'content' field of your note. Go through the fields on the form in UI, and cross reference the JSON of the invitation to make sure each key matches that in the invitation exactly. For the Program Chairs field, you can enter your program_chair_emails list. For example:

content = {
        "title": "My test venue",
        "Official Venue Name": "My test venue", 
        "Abbreviated Venue Name": "MTV", 
        "Official Website URL": "", 
        "program_chair_emails": program_chair_emails, 
        "contact_email": "", 
        "Area Chairs (Metareviewers)": "Yes, our venue has Area Chairs",
        "Paper Matching": [
            "Reviewer Bid Scores", 
            "OpenReview Affinity"
        "Venue Start Date": "2022/05/01",
        "Author and Reviewer Anonymity": "Double-blind",
        "reviewer_identity": [
            "Assigned Area Chair"
        "submission_readers": "All program committee (all reviewers, all area chairs, all senior area chairs if applicable)"

5. Now create your openreview Note. You need to include the invitation for the request form, as well as signatures, readers, writers, and content. Your signature should be your OpenReview profile ID that is linked to the email address you entered in the program_chair_emails.

support_request = openreview.Note(
    invitation = '', 
    readers = [""] + program_chair_emails,
    writers = [""] + program_chair_emails,
    content = content,
    signatures = [

6. Post your note.


7. You can check for your support request here:

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